Nöra and Dyson join forces to provide pioneering technology and sophisticated design to business and professionals. 

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Dyson is a British designer and manufacturer of electronic appliances. Founded by inventor Sir James Dyson in 1991, the company has constantly developed ground breaking products with highly efficient technologies.

“What we’re interested in is whether our kind of technology can make a big difference and whether it can really do the job much better than the existing products.”

From small businesses to large organisations, Dyson technology for business offers a product line that can be used at work environments, public spaces, hotels, airport hub, as well as manufacturing plants. The range includes hand dryers, hair dryers, purifying fans and lighting. 

Engineered with performance and wellbeing in mind, Dyson Airblade™ technology can help businesses save money and help reduce their carbon footprint. All Dyson products come with a 5 year guarantee and feature HEPA filters for a hygienic solution to drying hands.

Dyson for business is now available at Nöra across Brazil. For further information please contact our Dyson specialist or visit Dyson online. 

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